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  • DIVERSIFICATION - The benefits from diversification sometimes can be very elusive for extended periods of time.  The last five years has been one of those times and significantly so.  However, the potential benefits from world wide diversification of equity allocations are still … Continue reading
  • BITCOIN RIP - The estimable Nouriel Roubini bitcoin and its underlying technology in The Big Blockchain Lie.  WOW! TFM
  • BOOK REVIEW - Brad DeLong reviews A Crisis of Beliefs by Andrei Shleifer and Nicola Gennailoa in Self Fulfilling Financial Crises which he adds to his short list of recommendations about the 2008 financial crisis.  Although I have yet to read it, my high … Continue reading
  • LEAN YEARS AHEAD - The Congressional Budget Office just released An Update to the Economic Outlook: 2018 to 2028.  The full 24 page report is sleep inducing but the 5 page Economic Outlook Update Summary is well worth some study.  The CBO projects that real GDP … Continue reading
  • JUST LIKE WINE - Carmen Reinhart, along with her husband, has written a nice piece about the recent mid-scale revision to GDP data in When Economic History Improves With Time.  Rates of growth and savings rates have been better than previously reported.  That is … Continue reading
  • VALUE WILL OUT - The “value premium”, especially the large cap version, has experienced a serious drought for the past ten years.  In the attached Where’s the Value the folks at Dimensional Fund Advisors point out that such extended periods of underperformance are not unusual … Continue reading
  • THE US TRADE DEFICIT - Neil Irwin of The New York Times provides a concise and clear explanation of what our trade deficit means and does not mean in what-is-the-trade-deficit.  A bonus is his explanation of the dollar’s “exorbitant privilege” as the world’s reserve currency. TFM
  • MUTUAL FUND WORLD - Dimensional Fund Advisors has just released Mutual Fund Landscape 2018 an analysis the  size, scope and performance of United States based equity and fixed income mutual funds. TFM
  • HARUSPICATION - Larry Swedroe details the poor track record of economic and market forecasters in     the-track-record-of-market-pundits. TFM
  • FEDERAL BUDGET OUTLOOK - The Congressional Budget Office has just released its budget outlook for the next ten years.  Budget Outlook Summary is supplemented by another 160 pages of detail.  Let me know if you would like to receive the full report.  The main take … Continue reading