Mullaney Keating & Wright

Independent Investment Professionals

We believe that markets work, and as a result:

  • Current asset prices reflect all available information and expectations.
  • Current prices are therefore the best approximation of value.
  • Active portfolio management (buying and selling individual securities in an attempt to out-guess or “beat the market”) is a losing proposition.

We believe and numerous academic studies have demonstrated that:

  • Capital market returns are available to all.
  • Market returns are the reward for taking risk.
  • Investment returns are most effectively captured by investing in passively managed index and asset class funds.

We construct and manage portfolios guided by the following empirical facts:

  • Asset allocation is the most important investment decision.
  • Diversification within sub classes of stocks and bonds is an effective means of reducing risk and enhancing returns.
  • Over time (but not all the time) stocks return more than bonds.
  • Over time (but not all the time) small company stocks return more than large company stocks.
  • Over time (but not all the time) “value” stocks return more than “growth” stocks.
  • For stocks, the size and value effect exists in foreign, as well as domestic, markets.

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