Mullaney Keating & Wright

Independent Investment Professionals


Will I be able to take part in the investment decisions?

Before we invest any of your money, we will spend time gathering information from you in order to create an Investment Policy, which is the cornerstone of our investment management process. Your input regarding your personal needs, investment goals and experience and tolerance for risk are vital during this phase and we will revise the Investment Policy until it meets with your approval.
The approved Investment Policy will then serve as our roadmap in making ongoing investment selections for your portfolio.

Will I have to sell my current investments to work with you?

In most cases, our recommended investments will differ significantly from your current holdings. If, either for tax or sentimental reasons, you prefer that we not sell a particular security, we may be able to adapt our recommendations or implement them over time to accommodate your specific concerns.

Will you share information with my tax advisor or estate planning attorney?

With your permission, we welcome the opportunity to discuss tax and estate planning issues with your other professional advisors. We believe that open lines of communication between all of your advisors and you will result in better overall decisions.
If you need assistance finding a tax, legal, or insurance specialist, we are happy to refer you to professionals we know and respect. We accept no referral fees from anyone in return for this service.