Mullaney Keating & Wright

Independent Investment Professionals

Mullaney, Keating & Wright utilizes a comprehensive approach to providing investment management services to clients. Our process is to:

  • Work with the client to establish the appropriate Asset Allocation Policy to achieve the client’s financial objectives within the client’s risk tolerance.
  • Construct the desired portfolio using low cost, mostly passively managed equity mutual funds and low cost fixed income funds or direct bond purchases.
  • Continuously review holdings, including any legacy stocks.
  • Review portfolios quarterly for re-balancing requirements, being very mindful of tax liability issues in taxable accounts.
  • Report activity and results to clients quarterly.
    • Our reporting capability begins with a basic investment holdings statement and activity report.
    • Realized gain and loss reports simplify annual tax filing.
    • Custodians report all buy/sell transactions by confirmation and issue monthly statements.
  • Communicate regularly by way of meetings, telephone, email, newsletters and selected information pieces.